Dissertation binding manchester university bookstore list

The culmination of all your studying and hard work is almost complete. You have finished writing. You just need to get it printed and bound to the University of Manchester specification.

And ideally a nice copy for your own bookshelf. The Document Centre specialises in printing and binding documents. Every year we bind in excess of 10, documentsbooks, thesis and dissertations. In fact, the majority of our binding work is for students like you.

Having worked with thousands of students at this critical time, we know how stressful it can be. Whether it is a culmination of 3 days without sleep or a few weeks of stress and building panic.

You are not alone. Our team are here to help you get your thesis bound to regulation and delivered on time. Time is of the essence, so we work fast Missing your submission deadline can be costly. And we know that sometimes you finish writing a little later than you had hoped. We offer a guaranteed same day turnaround for most print and bind orders.

So you can have your Thesis delivered to Manchester University tomorrow! Although we work fast, we remain calm and professional throughout. We treat each and every order as if it was for ourselves. We have already helped 1,s of students like You In alone, we bound 8, thesis and dissertations for 3, customers. These were bound to University regulations and personal copies.

Did you know you can get your own copy bound to your own requirements? Just let us know! The quality of the final document was high and the turnaround time was as promised.

I would certainly recommend this company, an excellent all round service! The unique history of the town, the university itself, and a diverse population make the university one of the most dynamic in the UK.

The University of Manchester is rather young, but with a long-running history, nonetheless. After joining and creating what is now known as the University of Manchester, it is the largest single-site university in the country.

The joint university offers a range of courses with a global thinking focus and innovative research. The city of Manchester prides itself in being the heart of the industrial revolution in the 18th century and it has the museums and history to show for it.Covid19 Update:. We are still working through our online service and are doing our best to make sure our customers are still completely taken care of.

If you have any questions or queries, please email us and leave your mobile number so we can reply to you as soon as we can. We are still open for business. As the University is in lockdown for the foreseeable future and due to our long standing collaboration with our partner, Salford University, they have confirmed that when your work is completed with us it will be deemed to have been submitted. Protocols are in place between ourselves and the Post Graduate Office for submission and dispatch to examiners where necessary of your completed Soft or Hard Binding s once we have bound them.

Due to staff limitations, the phones will not be on all day, every day so please contact us in the first instance by email, leave your contact number on your email and we will reply or call you as soon as we can. All works for the foreseeable future may need extra time to complete due to staff limitations. Please be reassured we are here to support you throughout this difficult time and anything we can do to help, get in touch.

Walker Print Ltd is a family business and our bookbinder have over 30 years experience.

Thesis & Dissertation

We continue our commitment to providing a quality service to all customers with a special focus on excellence for hardbinding student theses and dissertations. We are committed to high levels of investment in new technology and staff training to ensure we deliver the best service at all times to all of our clients — no matter what the deadline!

Call us today on to discuss your requirements and book an appointment. Read more…. Here at Walker Print Ltd, we pride ourselves on our skills in bookbinding and specialise on the restoration and repair of the books that are brought into us. Eye catching and captivating brochures. We offer a Personal Publishing service. We can walk you through the maze of taking your written words into a final hard back binding. All our brochures are printed portrait on gsm paper for the inside pages and a gsm light card for the outside cover, printed in full colour, then finally finished and stapled to completion.

We can produce any size brochure that you require. The table below is just a general small sample of what we do to give you an idea of cost.

Email: info walkerprint.Based In Manchester, Walker Print Ltd Craftsmen have been providing thesis and dissertation binding to Universities in the North West and countrywide for over 30 years. We provide a proficient online service, or personally by appointment to suit your individual needs. Using traditional binding methods we produce high quality bound theses or dissertations to your University specifications.

Walker Print Ltd understands how important it is and the printing and binding should reflect the time and hard work invested by you in attaining your qualification.

Then you can collect your completely finished works on your given date and time.

Dissertation Binding Manchester University

Or we can submit it for you. We work closely with Universities across Greater Manchester. Our hard bindings are produced using traditional binding methods, by hand, your work is drilled, sewn, glued and the outer hard cover made to fit exactly, covered with quality buckram. Produced in the same manner as our hard bindings, then covered with card min gsm or acetate front and black card back, then lettered on the spine.

Your printed work is punched with holes down the left hand side of the Portrait pages and covered with an acetate front, black card back, held together with a metal wire binding.

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The printed pages are punched with holes down the left hand side of the portrait pages and covered with an acetate front, black card back, held together with a black plastic comb. Takes 2 working days, for example, should you decide to go ahead on Monday your completed bound volume would be ready for collection or submission on Wednesday.

Please ring to check availability of this service Tel Monday to Thursday 10am — 5pm, Friday 10am to 4pm. Neatly trimmed, durable, and free of blemishes. We inspect each document before we ship it out, giving you peace of mind that it has been printed with care and attention to detail.

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Email: info walkerprint. Please note, all works undertaken by Walker Print Ltd are subject to our standard terms and conditions of business.

dissertation binding manchester university bookstore list

A copy of which is available on request. Walker Print Ltd. Select option:. Submit Online Submit In Person International Students Features: University Bookbinder 30 years experience No travel necessary Free delivery to Greater Manchester Universities using our own staff Pay safely online preferred method Paypal Fast, efficient production Worldwide delivery with our couriers dpd, Ups We would be pleased to provide a quote: Send your file pdf format by email to info walkerprint.

Then we would go on to bind it for completion. Bring your work to us already printed so we can just do the binding for you. We can help you no matter where you are in the world.

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We offer 4 types of binding:. Hard Binding. We also offer a special rexine material for an extra charge. This service is an Online Only with Print service. Binding Service Timescale Options:. Standard Service Next Day Service Same Day Service 4 Hour Service Takes 2 working days, for example, should you decide to go ahead on Monday your completed bound volume would be ready for collection or submission on Wednesday.

Contact Us:.All PGRs are required to submit their thesis electronically but the University does not require hard bound submissions at present. You can arrange for your thesis to be bound at any binders, but the binding of your thesis and lettering on the spine must correspond with the University regulations. Binding services include:. Please note that you must bind the cover sheet generated following your electronic submission to eThesis as the first page of your thesis.

You should check with the binding service how long the binding process will take. Please remember that at busy submission periods August to September the binding service will have a very heavy load and you should ensure that you have left sufficient time for binding your thesis. Binding services include: U-Print MuPrint Please note that you must bind the cover sheet generated following your electronic submission to eThesis as the first page of your thesis.

Delays at the binders will not be accepted as a mitigating circumstance for late submission.Our softback channel and hardback binding is fully compliant with the University of Manchester regulations for the binding of theses. For the initial submission of your thesis, the University will accept either hardback or softback binding. The vast majority of students choose softback channel binding as the cost is significantly lower, especially if corrections may be required, and it is faster.

Channel binding is very quick, clean and easy; 2 or 3 lettered theses can be produced in less than 10 minutes. It can be easily unbound by us using the correct equipment to allow re-use of the pages for hardback binding. Metal Channel binding has a black spine with a choice of covers and is suitable for up to sheets.

The number of sheets quoted is for standard 80gsm paper and is approximate. Note that if you print your thesis on thicker paper then this may take it over the sheet equivalent limit for channel binding so please take this into consideration.

The University regulations do allow multiple volumes and double sided printed; please check with your supervisor or Graduate School office for their recommendation. The final version of your thesis must be submitted in hardback format, with a plain cloth Buckram cover. We have pricing options from ASAP - 5 working days. These can also be produced the same day subject to workload. We can also offer Traditional Hard binding. It can be done faster subject to a surcharge.

An express service: providing the complete printed thesis is with us by 2. More information is on our hardback binding page. This will cost significantly more than the normal service; contact them on for details, remembering to tell them you are at the University of Manchester and require only lettering on the spine.

If you want us to print or copy your work, you must also allow time for us to do it. It is impossible to say how long this will take, only that it will get busier as we approach a deadline. Please see our pricelists for colour and mono black printing.

If you are away from Manchester and are unable to return to submit your thesis, you may find it difficult finding someone locally to channel bind your work.

If this is the case, then you can send your work to us on the following basis:. Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any loss or delay once we have put your work into the internal post system.

dissertation binding manchester university bookstore list

Alternatively, you can arrange for a friend or colleague to collect on your behalf but please inform us beforehand. Theses can also be returned to you by post at additional cost by prior arrangement only - not always possible.

Initial submission - pre Viva For the initial submission of your thesis, the University will accept either hardback or softback binding. Final submission - post Viva, after corrections The final version of your thesis must be submitted in hardback format, with a plain cloth Buckram cover.

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If you're not in Manchester If you are away from Manchester and are unable to return to submit your thesis, you may find it difficult finding someone locally to channel bind your work. If this is the case, then you can send your work to us on the following basis: We recommend that you print all copies of your thesis rather than send an electronic copy for us to print. The reason for this is that we will not necessarily be able to tell if there is problem with the printout and you will not be able to check it before it is bound and submitted.

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Our postal address is on the Contact page. If you choose to send a file electronically, then a PDF is usually the most reliable format. Information on sending files to us is on the Send Files page.

dissertation binding manchester university bookstore list

If you are not able to check the printing prior to binding then we will only accept the job on the basis that you accept full responsibility for the printing. We are only able to give documents a cursory check for print problems, for example. Our preferred payment method is by debit or credit card, alternatively postal order. If you send a cheque, we have to wait for it to clear before releasing your work.Thank you very much for all that you did to make this part of our holiday so enjoyable - even the weather cooperated.

Bjarni was excellent, thorough, and very responsive. He picked a superb hotel in Oslo (Continental) which spoiled us for the next leg of our vacation in Germany.

Luggage transfer from Flom to Oslo was a great idea and worked very well - thanks again, Bjarni. I have already recommended Nordic Visitor to several fellow travelers and would definitely use your services again. Overall this experience massively exceeded my expectations.

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Nordic Visitor was a 'lucky find' for us. We found the Nordic Visitor website by chance while looking for 'Iceland tours', and upon further research, noted that the company's services had received very good reviews, so we decided to call them up. We prefer to travel on our own and at our own pace, and having a company available which has had considerable experience with the destination in question was extremely helpful. Given the quality of the services (car, hotels, excursions) available, we feel we the trip was a great value, and was money well spent.

Walker Print Ltd. – Manchester

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dissertation binding manchester university bookstore list

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